Summer Report 2015

Dear NCLab Users:

We hope that you had a great Summer! Our team used the quiet summer time to work hard on NCLab, adding new features and improving existing functionality. Here are a few examples:

1. NCLab has a brand new home page that better describes what we do – More Than Coding!

2. Under “Resources” you will find free textbooks, lesson plans, cheat sheets, tutorial videos, student galleries, and much more.

3. We introduced a new visual introductory programming course Turtle Tina which is based on the Python Turtle. In addition to learning how to code by drawing patterns, students can extrude them to 3D and print on 3D printers. This is a great course to take after Karel the Robot and before the full Python programming course in NCLab.

4. We established a new non-profit mailing service for 3D prints. Send us an STL file created in NCLab, and we will mail the 3D print to you for the price of material plus postage.

5. Our pricing model changed from “per student” to “per classroom / school / district” which made our courses more affordable. A classroom license is now $899 per year while previously, 30 student accounts for 12 months were $1800.

6. NCLab Computer Programming and 3D Modeling Fall Camps will take place in Reno and Susanville. We still have a few free slots to do one at your school. Learn more at and let us know if interested!

7. Our after school programs are starting right now.

Our team is looking forward to working with you in the 2015-2016 school year!

Best regards,