U.S. Patent 14/172,475

Today we filed a patent application for an algorithm to automatically assess the correctness of 3D CAD designs. This algorithm is an essential component of our self-paced interactive course Geometry, 3D Modeling, and CAD Design.
What is the algorithm about? You are certainly familiar with online quizzes where the user answers a multiple-choice question and the computer system decides whether or not the submitted answer is correct. That’s simple. Also computer programs can be run on the server with various input data sets, and their outputs checked for correctness. However, analyzing the correctness of complex 3D CAD designs brings this sort of testing to an entirely new level.

Thanks to our new technology, students in K-12 schools as well as home-schooled students are able to learn 3D modeling on their own, with none or minimum teacher’s assistance. Combined with the mass availability of NCLab, we are going to change quite a few things in K-12 career education.