Program Success Elements

  • Get a UNM Anderson School Of Management-issued Python Developer Career Certificate
  • Become fully qualified and job-ready
  • Learn by doing, not by watching someone else do it
  • Browser-based coursework — learn anywhere, anytime
  • Guidance and support provided throughout your learning
  • No hidden expenses such as textbook or software purchases
  • All you need is a computer with an Internet connection

Join the workforce as a job-ready Python Programmer, at a time when the demand for qualified Python Programmers far outstrips the supply.

Our best-in-class self-paced Python Developer Career Training Program provides you with the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence needed to get a high-paying Python Developer job.

Why not accelerate your career and create a better life ahead?

Become Qualified And Job-Ready

It’s hard to find a better career than Python Development. Python is the most popular programming language for applications in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Business, and Finance.  

When you finish our training, you will be able to create applications and websites, debug projects, connect applications with third-party web services, manage the exchange of data between users and the server, integrate front-end elements built by the other developers, and use Python as a data analysis tool; and you will have in hand a college-issued Python Developer Career Certificate and a professional portfolio to demonstrate your qualifications to potential employers.

Get Practical Experience That Well Over 95% Of Python Developer Job Openings Require

Our Learn-By-Doing training builds your knowledge AND practical experience, to the point that you are a qualified job-ready Python Developer when you complete our training. That makes our training very different than other programs in which trainees spend the vast majority of their time listening to lectures and reading books rather than practicing what they are learning. 

Our innovative and proven Learn-By-Doing training platform gives you bite-sized lessons and asks you to show that you have learned each concept by completing exercises before going on. Powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms help you with sophisticated adaptive feedback and NCLab instructional personnel oversee your progress and assist you when you need help. 

Trainees Love Our Hands-On Training

Trainees love our hands-on training with instant assessment because it gives them both a feeling of accomplishment and the confidence needed to go out and apply their new knowledge.  We are so sure you will love it too that we provide you the ability to get a full refund less a $95 cancellation fee during the first 14 days of your training, should you decide that the training is not right for you.


What is the job market for Python Developers?

Python Development is a rapidly growing field where the demand for qualified candidates far outstrips the supply. currently lists over 28,000 Python Programmer job openings in the U.S. alone.

Interestingly, distance employment has gained acceptance in the Python Development field and it allows you to work in place, independent of where you live.

How much can I earn as a Python Developer?

According to, in the U.S., python programmers’ median compensation is $96,882. 

Who is this Python Developer Career Training for?

This training program is for you, if you are wanting to have a better life and are willing to put in the effort to do the required work to get there, independent of your background.

Our training is unique in the way it starts where your formal education left off and provides you with knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to get a high-demand Python Programmer job.

We welcome all domestic and international applicants.

Are there program prerequisites?

There are no specific prerequisites for taking this training. A programming background shortens the time it takes to complete the training but is not required.

What happens when I complete the training?

Upon successful completion of the training, you’ll have the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to qualify for high-paying Python Programmer jobs. You’ll also have a University of New Mexico Anderson School Of Management “Python Developer Career Certificate” and a professional portfolio to demonstrate your qualifications to potential employers.

Given our in-depth knowledge of your qualifications and capabilities, we will also work with employers and placement agencies to get you one of those 28,000 Python Developer job openings.

I want to know more about this program — what should I do?

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