The NEW CAREER SELF-ASSESSMENT is a “learn-and-apply” hands-on activity that provides you with an insight into your interest and aptitude for working in an automation-intensive 21st century work environment. This assessment is not a questionnaire. It does not ask about or test any prior knowledge, and it does not include Math. The only prerequisites are reading in English and basic keyboarding. Virtually anybody can take this assessment.

2)  What is the theory and research that underpins the assessment?

The NEW CAREER SELF-ASSESSMENT has been used at NCLab for many years to determine whether people have an aptitude to learn, adapt, and perform well in the era of Industry 4.0. The results have been studied over time and have shown themselves to be very relevant.

3) What do we mean by “new careers”? 

While career fields for the most part carry the same names as they have all along (e.g. machinist, product test engineer, data analyst), the foundational hard and soft skills that these career fields require have shifted due to automation and Industry 4.0. 

4) What is being assessed in the NEW CAREER SELF-ASSESSMENT?

The NEW CAREER SELF-ASSESSMENT determines an individual’s interest and aptitude that are required to deal with an automation-intensive work environment. In particular, it determines the individual’s ability to read and understand written instructions, learn and absorb new information, apply the information to solve simple problems, and it also measures the individual’s perseverance.  

5) What is the predictive validity of the assessment in future performance in training programs? 

An individual’s success in the NEW CAREER SELF-ASSESSMENT is strongly positively correlated to the individual’s success in topically-related training programs and in automation-intensive work environments. 

6) How is the NEW CAREER SELF-ASSESSMENT scored?

The proprietary scoring rubric for the NEW CAREER SELF-ASSESSMENT includes numerous categories which cover the hard and soft skills measured by the assessment. A final result is then calculated using these individual scores. A high score indicates that you will be successful in whatever career path you choose to follow.

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