Program Success Elements

  • Get a high paying 21st century career in as little as four months;
  • Perform hundreds of mini projects under the tutelage of NCLab's AI-based teaching platform;
  • Practice-based hands-on mini projects build your confidence and provide a feeling of accomplishment;
  • Receive individualized instructional support and career coaching throughout your training;
  • Be ready to take the Python Institute's industry-recognized PCEP certification;
  • Never miss training sessions because of family and work responsibilities.

There are 87,000 high-paying Python Programmer job openings right now for people with the necessary skills and experience – If you’d like to fill one of those, we at NCLab can make you a industry-certificated job-ready Python Programmer in as little as four months.

Our competency-based training makes us unique among Python Programmer training providers in the way we provide you with EXPERIENCE that well over 95% of Python Developer job openings require.


Relevant Statistics For You To Consider

- Average Python Programmer Starting Salary: $96,125*
- Current # of Python Programmer Job Openings: 87,000**
- Time To Complete The Training: As little as 4 months

* Average Python Programmer Starting Salary, provided by

** Current # Of Python Programmer Job Openings, provided by


Get A Great Job

We ensure that you will get a great job when you finish your training by providing you:

  • The necessary EXPERIENCE to get the job;
  • An industry-recognized certification;
  • A Western Nevada College Python Developer Career Certificate;
  • A professional portfolio of completed projects;
  • Preparation for a successful job interview;
  • A professional reference.

Most of our trainees get hired as Python Programmers immediately after successfully completing the training, or before they even complete it. So will you.

Get EXPERIENCE That Well Over 95% Of Python Developer Job Openings Require.

Our training doesn’t consist of a set of lectures followed by unassisted work assignments, as is the case with other Python Programmer training programs.

Instead, our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based teaching platform delivers you bite-sized knowledge that is immediately followed by assisted hands-on mini projects, during which it watches your every step, grading your work in real time, and helping you with contextual information, hints, and templates, as needed.

To ensure your success, you’ll be provided an assessment before you enroll to confirm that this program is right for you and, once you enroll, you'll be assigned career coaching and instructional support personnel who will:

  • Meet with you weekly to review your progress;
  • Teach you soft skills that you will use throughout your career;
  • Be available to you, as needed, throughout your training.


What is the job market for Python Programmers?

Python Development is a rapidly growing field where the demand for experienced Python Programmers far outstrips the supply. currently lists over 87,000 Python Programmer job openings in the U.S. alone. Interestingly, also lists over 24,000 remote Python Programmer jobs that allow you to work in place, independent of where you live.

How much can I expect to earn as a Python Programmer?

According to, the average Python Programmer starting salary is $96,125.

Who is this Python Developer Career Training for?

This training program is for you, if you are wanting to have a better life and are willing to put in the effort to do the required work to get there. While other training programs expect individuals to have a strong math background, prior programming experience, and/or a certain level of formal education, NCLab training programs incorporate foundational training for people who need to start there, at no extra cost.

We have a powerful self-assessment tool that helps you determine whether you are a natural to become a Python Programmer, using our career training program. Click Here to learn more about the self-assessment.

What happens when I complete the training?

Upon successful completion of this program, you’ll have the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to get a great job. You'll have in hand a Career Certificate from Western Nevada College and you’ll have a professional portfolio to demonstrate your qualifications to potential employers. Finally, you’ll be ready to take the Python Institute’s industry-recognized PCEP certification.

Given our in-depth knowledge of your qualifications and capabilities, we will also be glad to work with employers and placement agencies to get you a great Python Programmer job.

I want to know more about this program -- what should I do?

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