EduLock and NCLab

Las Vegas, NV – After the “hour of code” movement announced recently, two companies from Reno are combining forces to inspire children to learn and enjoy computer coding.
Under an initial arrangement EduLock and NCLab will make their combined platforms available to the children from a slum in India. During EduLock’s development in India, they partnered with an Indian-based development team to “adopt” a local orphanage in providing dietary supplements initially and later to using the EduLock math software. This led to a better understanding of the needs in surrounding neighborhood slums for an intervention which targets helping the children.
Dr. Solin, president of NCLab, became interested in working with EduLock immediately after he learned about EduLock during a pilot program in a blue ribbon school in Nevada. Dr. Solin stated “EduLock’s rewards-based learning platform can help motivate children and students who might not otherwise find computer coding interesting.” He mentioned that the more engaged the students are in learning the more opportunities the teachers have to work with individuals.

Linda Grimes, co-founder of the EduLock software, noted “we are honored to be working with NCLab to expand the learning opportunities to the children of India. Dr. Solin is generous in his agreement to work with our adopted neighborhoods as we pilot this joint effort to change the lives of children internationally.” Mrs. Grimes mentioned that they are already working with other potential partners to expand the program and expects to formalize several of those discussions soon.

About EduLock

EduLock is proprietary software designed to empower educators and parents in maximizing the child’s learning potential through the delivery of educational content via digital platforms. EduLock creates a custom incentivized learning environment whereby the child is motivated by dynamic rewards and the teacher or parent is provided intuitive analytical tools. Find out more at

About NCLab

NCLab is a novel cloud computing platform that provides engaging interactive self-paced computer coding and 3D CAD modeling courses for K-12 schools, homeschoolers, and the general public. NCLab’s mission is to provide powerful learning tools for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). NCLab is already being used in dozens of schools in several U.S. states. NCLab also serves college-level students, instructors, and researchers by providing advanced modules based on quality open source software. Visit for more information.