Our Vision

We provide people with the knowledge, experience, competency, and confidence needed to get great jobs.

Our Mission

We identify individuals who have the desire and ability to grow and we make them job-ready to fill high-demand 21st century jobs.

What Makes Us Unique In Vocational Training?

  • Because we use a competency-based training approach developed over 10 years, when trainees graduate, they have the practical experience that well over 95% of job openings require. This makes NCLab unique in vocational training.
  • Because our training is self-paced, trainees learn anytime anywhere and they never miss important training because of their family and work responsibilities.
  • Because employers place major value on soft skills along with hard skills, our personal coaches help trainees develop soft skills that include professional communication, time management, critical and logical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, and adaptability, among others.
  • Because we do a very detailed pre-enrollment assessment, when trainees enroll, they can be confident that they’ll be able to successfully complete their training and get great jobs.

12 Years Of History

In 2010, Dr. Pavel Solin, UNR (University of Nevada, Reno) Professor of Computational and Applied Math, reached out to K-12 schools in rural Nevada to help them prepare students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Recognizing the size of the need, he built an artificial intelligence-based training platform and overlaid introductory visual Computer Programming and 3D Modeling courses on top of the platform, as his first products.

These courses worked differently than the usual video-based online courses (Khan Academy, Coursera, Lynda.com, …) which Dr. Solin found to be ineffective. In contrast to that, NCLab students actively engaged 100% of the time, learning through short tutorials and examples, and then immediately putting what they had learned to practical use, solving problems, and receiving instant feedback from the platform. Schools and libraries across Nevada implemented NCLab’s STEM training. Schools in other states and countries followed.

In 2017, NCLab Data Analytics and Python Development career training programs were commissioned by the Nevada governor’s office to address the staffing needs of employers in Nevada. The resulting programs are now offered at all Nevada community colleges, at the University of Nevada, Reno, and at a growing number of education organizations outside of Nevada.

In 2021, NCLab was selected by the State of Nevada’s Workforce Development to assess and train disadvantaged people to take larger roles in the new 21st century digital economy. Other workforce development projects of various types have subsequently developed both in Nevada and other states.

In NCLab programs, short bite-sized lessons are followed by immediate self-assessment exercises, which ensure that trainees gain experience and confidence with each new concept before moving on. NCLab surveys show conclusively that trainees love this way of learning. Success is assured for trainees willing to put in the effort to do the required work.

Instructional support and coaching personnel oversee and assist trainees throughout their learning process, and when trainees complete their training, they have in hand a professional portfolio to demonstrate their qualifications to potential employers. NCLab courses map to industry certifications, and are continually being developed to adhere to additional industry certifications, in order to better assist NCLab graduates in the employment search.

NCLab programs are exceptional in the sense that they are proven to work not only for college students who are still immersed in the learning process, but also for working adults who have been out of school for years.

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