NCLab Drone Parts List

These parts were used by NCLab to build the original prototype in the “Let’s Build A Drone” mini-course.

Parts (can be ordered from Amazon)

Description Vendor QTY Price Cost Per Drone
Sidewinder Hi Perf. Brushed Motors 6x15mm + JST; Set of 6 Spintech Motors 1 17.00 11.33
3.7V 220mAh LiPo Battery Pack 45C 1S with Ultra Micro for Blade Inductrix; Set of 5 Tattu 1 16.99 3.40
Apex RC Products Blade Inductrix Bright Red CW CCW Props –
2 Sets of 4 props. Part #9060R (green version #9060D)
Apex 1 8.99 4.50
Blade 3-in-1 Inductrix Control Unit Blade 1 29.01 29.01
E-flite 1S USB Li-Po Charger 300mA (single battery charger) E-flite 1 7.94 7.94
Total: $56.18

Rubber bands, double sided tape (any local store)

3D Printing
3D printed frame (approximate – cost may vary depending on materials and labor charges) In house – no out-of-pocket costs. Outsourced – approximately $10 to $15

Compatible Remote Controller
Blade MLP4DSM 4CH Remote Transmitter (this is the remote control used to fly the drone.) $36.99