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Prepare Your Child for Success

Parents of homeschooled kids love NCLab for its ability to use games to ignite young minds and attract them to essential 21st century STEM skills including coding and 3D modeling. Your child will go through game-like levels, earn points and certificates, and learn much more than just coding and 3D modeling. With NCLab, students improve their math scores, and acquire logical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, and ability to handle failure. These skills will help your child be successful not only academically but in real life.

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids
coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

“Girls like my daughter Ella are not interested in creating games. She’s more motivated to create a different type of “product”. She learned more in 2 days at your camp then in her 7th grade tech class.”

-Elaine Brown

“My son is now so excited about building his 3D model of a plane that he now wants to go to the computer lab to sit with his face to the screen instead of running around playing tag with his friends…. Thanks NCLab!”

-Megan Reder

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Learn and Grow with NCLab

Your child may not end up being a computer programmer or engineer, but he or she will always be a problem-solver. Computer programming and 3D modeling are essential 21st century STEM job skills – some of the best job skills that your child can learn. We provide four self-paced online courses. It can take up to 12 hours for your order to process. Thank you for your order and please be patient.

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Karel Coding Course (Ages 10-99)

This is the perfect course to take after completing the Hour of Code tutorials. Each game level presents a new challenge that requires problem solving and typing a short program in a simplified Python language. The course is light on syntax. It focuses on developing logic and computational thinking. Recommended before learning advanced programming languages. Read more…

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Python Coding Course (Ages 13-99)

This course teaches the Python language, and how to use it to solve realistic problems. The course covers all aspects of Python ranging from simple calculations to file operations and object-oriented programming. Students are expected to already have computational thinking and essential programming skills from the Karel and Turtle coding courses. Read more…

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Turtle Coding Course (Ages 11-99)

This visual introductory computer programming course comes after Karel and before the full Python course. Students use coding to draw beautiful patterns that consist of lines and arcs. They learn how to use Python loops, nested loops, variables, and functions. As an additional incentive, they can create their own art and export it as STL files for 3D printing. Read more…

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

3D Modeling Course (Ages 12-99)

3D modeling is an essential 21st century STEM job skill. In this course students learn Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG). They develop strong spatial reasoning and geometry skills, and become ready to easily transition to any CAD system including AutoCAD and SolidWorks. They will be able to fully exploit the 3D modeling app in NCLab for their own projects. Read more…

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

Measure Your Child’s Progress

NCLab courses develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, and perseverance in a measurable way. Have your child take the Pre-Test before taking an NCLab course, and then the Post-Test after finishing the course. The Karel Course is recommended for all age groups as it puts the strongest emphasis on computational thinking and abstract programming concepts. We will email you the results, and you will notice a difference.

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