List Of Enrollees Of NCLab Career Training Programs

Below is a representative list of enrollees who have taken NCLab career training programs. They have all successfully completed their training and improved their life dramatically.

See if you can recognize yourself in any of these:

You’re a single parent and need a higher paying job to take better care of your family.

You have a college degree but you are needing to pivot to a more in-demand skill set to get a great job.

You’ve completed high school and want to pursue a high-pay career first and then pursue a degree.

You’ve tried online training because you work full time and it didn’t work out and you want to try again, with the right kind of training program.

You have a job that is not able to comfortably support your starting family and you’re doing something about it.

You want to work remotely while making more money than you’re currently making in a customer-facing situation.

You love your current job but would like to be better equipped to do it.

You want to come out of retirement and join the tech field.

You love doing puzzles and playing video games and NCLab’s assessment shows that you can be a high-pay programmer or data analyst.

You’re good with numbers and want to leverage that skill and Data Analytics is the perfect career to do that with.

You’re good at logic and want to leverage that skill and Python Programming is the perfect career to do that with.

You took an IT class and liked it and want to become a high-pay Python Programmer or Data Analyst.

You’re a college instructor who teaches programming and you want to become a subject matter expert.

You’re a college student who graduates in a few years but wants a high paying remote job while going to school.

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