Q: Who is NCLab?

NCLab (Network Computing Lab) is a provider of high-quality self-paced courses in a wide variety of STEM topics for colleges, universities, K-12 schools, and libraries.

Q: How Do NCLab Courses Compare To Other Online Courses?

Most providers of online courses such as Khan Academy, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy, Udacity etc. offer video-based courses which are easy to do but not very effective. Watching somebody do something is not the same as doing it yourself.

In contrast, NCLab courses use a learn-by-doing approach and students actively learn from day 1. Courses are in-depth and require significant effort to complete but it is exactly for this reason that they fully prepare trainees to qualify for job openings.

NCLab training is interactive and that makes it very different than traditional lecture-based training. Trainees are provided bite-sized tutoring and then made to show that they have learned the content by completing exercises. Artificial Intelligence-based algorithms verify that exercises are done correctly and, if not, provide feedback and guidance to the trainees.

Q: Is NCLab training college-level?

Yes, it is. In fact, NCLab courses are offered for both credit and certification in university and community college settings.

Q: I have an iPad; can I use NCLab?

Yes, NCLab runs on mobile tablets.

Q: I am a K-12 teacher. Can I try the courses for free?

Yes, K-12 instructors can have free access to all K-12 courses.

Q: Can I use NCLab on a smartphone?

This is not recommended because of the small display size. Please use a computer, laptop, Chromebook, or a tablet.

Q: How does NCLab help meet Common Core and NGSS ?

This information is available in the K-12 section on the bottom of the page. Lesson plans for individual courses contain complete standards alignment information.