Q: What makes NCLab unique in the e-learning space?

Among all the online training companies, NCLab is unique in the way it makes people learn by doing, not by listening to someone or watching someone doing it.  The net result is that people who complete NCLab’s training are fully qualified and job-ready to make use of their acquired skills. 

Q: How do NCLab courses compare to other online courses?

Nowadays there is a huge quantity of online courses available online. Most of them, including well-known providers such as Khan Academy, LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, Udemy, Udacity etc. are video-based, and students learn by watching videos. Such courses are very easy to make; that’s why these providers often have thousands of them. But they also are extremely ineffective. People don’t learn well by watching a video of somebody doing something. To really learn, one needs to do it with one’s own hands.

Therefore, NCLab courses use an active learning-by-doing approach where students do work from Day 1. NCLab courses require significant commitment and effort to complete. On the other hand, our trainees appreciate the fact that they become fully job-ready by the time they graduate.

Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence-based training platform delivers you bite-sized knowledge that is immediately followed by hands-on exercises, during which it watches your every step, grading your exercises in realtime, and helping you with contextual information, hints, and templates, as needed.

To further ensure your success, you’re assigned instructional support and coaching personnel who:

  • Meet with you weekly to review your progress;
  • Are available to you, as needed, throughout your training;
  • Teach you soft skills that you will use throughout your career.

Q: Is NCLab training college-level?

Yes, it is. In fact, NCLab courses are offered for both credit and certification in university and community college settings.

Q: I have an iPad; can I use NCLab?

Yes, NCLab runs on mobile tablets, preferably with a full keyboard.

Q: I am a K-12 teacher. Can I try the courses for free?

K-12 instructors have free access to short “sampler” courses which are representative of the full courses offered by NCLab. Click Here to get access to them.

Q: Can I use NCLab on a smartphone?

This is not recommended because of the small display size. Please use a computer, laptop, Chromebook, or a tablet with a full keyboard.

Q: How does NCLab help meet Common Core and NGSS ?

This information is available in the K-12 section on the bottom of the page. Lesson plans for individual courses contain complete standards alignment information.