Thank you for your interest in our Linear Algebra course! This is one of the most modern Linear Algebra courses in the world. You will work at your own pace through cutting-edge interactive course materials, with the help of a dedicated personal tutor. There are no prerequisites besides basic high school math. The course will take you all the way from learning what a vector is to the most advanced concepts of Linear Algebra including Least-Squares methods, Spectral Decomposition, and Singular Value Decomposition. You will also apply Linear Algebra in Computer Graphics, Image Compression, Data Science, and other areas.

Keep in mind that this is a full-semester college-level course whose completion requires a significant commitment. You will be working actively all the time, not just watching some video tutorials. Our priority is to make sure that you will be successful. A single-user license costs $995 and most of the fee goes towards 12-month individual remote tutoring which is crucial for your success. You will be provided 12-month access to interactive course materials in NCLab. If you are serious about learning Linear Algebra, then please fill out the form below, and we will reach out to you to get you on your way.