Note on Proofs

There are two types of Linear Algebra users – those who use it mechanically, and those who understand it. Proofs of theorems are optional, meaning that you can do well in this course without reading them. But if you want to understand Linear Algebra, read the proofs and try to understand them. If you are able to follow a proof, it means that you understand the concepts that you have learned.

Course Structure and Length

This course is an equivalent of a full semester three-credit course. It consists of five Units. Each Unit has five Sections, and each Section has around 10 Levels. Each Section is equivalent to one lecture plus the corresponding homework. You will go through the course at your own pace, one Level at a time. After each Level you will have an opportunity to test yourself and see if you have mastered the topic. Quizzes can be retaken after 12 hours, one time only. The 12-hour delay is designed to make sure that you have a chance to really understand the material before the next attempt. A quiz can be retaken any time before the end of the course (even after several weeks). The better score counts. Each Section will take 3-4 hours of your time.

Additional documents