Program Success Elements

  • Our training programs help make employees Industry 4.0 ready
  • Our Foundational Courses help employees take on new roles
  • Our Career Training Programs dramatically upskill employees
  • Browser-based coursework — trainees learn anywhere, anytime
  • Guidance and support is provided throughout trainees’ learning
  • All trainees need is a computer and an Internet connection


Industry 4.0 Is Here And It’s A Great Opportunity For Existing Workers

Industry 4.0 is happening. While many jobs are being replaced by automation, there’s a whole new world of higher paying jobs opening up for workers who are willing to put in the effort to add value in this new world.

There are many terms used to describe initiatives to ready employees for Industry 4.0’s move to automation in various jobs; Workforce Training, Apprenticeships, Reskilling, and Upskilling are some of the more common ones.

We at NCLab offer self-paced training programs that address each of those initiatives by helping workers grow in this new world. Our programs are not limited to exceptional individuals but rather they are inclusionary, to allow all interested employees to learn and grow.

We recognize that some employees will fill smaller yet important roles going forward, and for them, we provide our Foundational Courses, which prepare employees to immerse themselves into automation-related jobs. The self-paced courses teach Computational thinking, Problem solving, Computer programming, Spatial reasoning skills, and Computer Aided Design skills.

For those employees who want to take on larger roles, we offer Data Analyst and Python Developer Career Training programs, at a time when employers can’t find them on the open market and existing proven employees with our training could be filling those positions.

We partner with Workforce Training Initiatives, Colleges and Universities, Employers, K-12 Schools, and Libraries to deliver our training programs.

Trainees Love Our Learn-By-Doing Method Of Teaching

Our active learning process builds trainees’ knowledge and hands-on experience, both of which are needed to qualify for the new Industry 4.0 jobs. 

Bite-sized tutoring is followed by exercises to show that trainees have learned each concept before going on. In much the same way that an in-person instructor can help trainees when they are having difficulty with a new concept, powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms help trainees with sophisticated adaptive feedback throughout the learning process. 

And of course, as trainees go through our interactive courses, instructors are always available to provide timely help, when needed.


Who are NCLab training programs for?

Our self-paced training programs are for workers who want to participate in the new automation-based economy and for workers who are looking for new careers in high-demand occupations.

In both cases, trainees end up at the same place; with the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence to grow in their careers.

How much of a need is there for people with Industry 4.0 skills?

There is a huge need for employees with automation-related skills and employers are willing to pay for those skills. After all, automation is not without its need for machine operators, machine configurators, programmers, and data analysts. Each of those jobs in turn requires new Industry 4.0 skills.  Existing proven employees are the natural place for employers to go to fill those new positions.

What are the prerequisites for taking your training programs?

A high school education is sufficient for all of our training programs.

What makes NCLab training unique?

NCLab training is unique in that it can be successfully completed by people with minimal formal education because of the way it gives trainees bite-sized tutoring and asks them to show that they have learned each concept by completing tasks before going on.

It is also unique in the way it provides hands-on experience with each subject matter as opposed to traditional lecture-based learning that leaves trainees with theoretical knowledge but without the hands-on experience that is needed to show proficiency in new learned skills.

Finally, NCLab has powerful pre-screening tools that ensure success by determining which employees are particularly well-suited to take particular NCLab training courses.

What else should I know about these programs?

Under our “Foundational Courses” tab, you’ll learn how our foundational courses prepare employees to fill automation-related jobs that have significant added value to employers;

Under our “Data Analytics” tab, you’ll learn about our Data Analyst Career Training program and how it prepares trainees to be fully-qualified Data Analysts, at a time when employers find it very difficult to recruit them on the open market;

Under our “Python Dev” tab, you’ll learn about our Python Developer Career Training program and how it prepares employees to become fully-qualified Python Programmers, at a time when employers find it very difficult to recruit them on the open market.


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