Program Success Elements

  • Our self-paced courses make employees Industry 4.0 ready
  • Trainees learn by doing, not by watching someone else do it
  • Browser-based training — trainees learn anywhere, anytime
  • Guidance and support are provided throughout trainees’ learning
  • All trainees need is a computer and an Internet connection

Graduates Of Our Industry 4.0 Immersion Training Are Positioned To Grow With You.

This training program is 240 hours in length and it is all hands-on learning. The actual time taken to complete the training varies greatly, depending on how many hours trainees’ schedule allows them to allocate to their training.

During the program, trainees begin with a practice-based course in which they learn how computers think, how they operate, and how to direct them to do work. Trainees use a virtual robot to solve various simple tasks. In this way they learn essential skills such as how to identify repeating patterns and how to break complex problems into simpler ones. Upon completing this course, they have acquired the mindset and skills needed to successfully deal with automation and intelligent machines.

In the next practice-based course, they learn Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG). This is a combination of basic geometry (working with shapes, sizes, distances, points, vectors, and angles) and additional techniques used to manipulate shapes in the 3D space. Upon completing this course, they possess strong spatial reasoning skills which are needed in advanced manufacturing, robotics, 3D design and other areas related to automation and Industry 4.0.

 In the final practice-based course, they learn about data, data file formats, and relational and non-relational databases. Emphasis is placed on Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMSs), which are used in virtually all industries and organizations to store data about employees, products, services, inventory, financial transactions, etc. Trainees also learn the fundamentals of data mining, statistical methods, data analysis, and data visualization. Finally, they learn about data governance, quality, and controls. Upon completing this course, they understand how data is acquired, cleaned, stored, visualized, analysed, presented, and used to make better business decisions.

Trainees Love Our Training Approach

Our innovative and proven learn-by-doing approach gives trainees bite-sized tutoring and asks them to show that they have learned each concept by completing tasks before going on. In much the same way that an in-person instructor can help trainees when they are having difficulty with a new concept, powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms help trainees with sophisticated contextual help in the form of hints and templates, when needed,  throughout the learning process. 

Each trainee is provided a personal tutor that is always available to provide timely help, as needed.


The following are additional details and syllabuses for each Industry 4.0 training course.