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Our Self-Paced Online Career Training Programs Produce Fully-Qualified Data Analysts And Python Developers.

Program Success Elements

  • You gain access to qualified Data Analysts and Python Developers.
  • We screen candidates to identify winners.
  • Graduates receive a college career certificate.
  • Open enrollment allows training to start anytime.
  • Self-paced web-based learning provides scheduling flexibility.
  • Guidance and support are provided throughout learning.

The Open Marketplace Is No Longer Working

According to Indeed, Inc., in the U.S., there are currently over 74,000 Data Analyst job openings and over 15,000 Python Developer job openings. As a result, McKinsey & Co. reports that 56% of enterprises are choosing to put in place employee reskilling and upskilling programs that leverage their proven workforce to meet their internal needs.

In as little as 320 hands-on hours, our self-paced Data Analyst Career Training Program can turn your proven employees into fully qualified Data Analysts.

Similarly, in as little as 280 hands-on hours, our self-paced Python DeveloperCareer Training Program can turn your proven employees into fully qualified Python Developers.

Look No Further Than Your Proven Workforce For Help

Our Data Analyst and Python Developer Career Training programs use our innovative and proven Learn-By-Doing training method to keep trainees engaged while providing them with the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence needed to qualify for available jobs.

The programs were commissioned by the Nevada Governor’s office to address the needs of employers in Nevada. The resulting programs were validated in 2018 and 2019 and are now offered at all Nevada community colleges, at the University of Nevada, and at colleges outside of Nevada.

They are unique in the way they provide trainees with the Practical Experience that they need to qualify for Data Analyst and Python Developer jobs. After all, well over 95% of all those job openings require Practical Experience.

In NCLab programs, short bite-sized lessons are followed by immediate self-assessment exercises, which ensure that trainees gain experience and confidence with each new concept before moving on. NCLab courses can only accomplish these tasks because they have taken thousands of hours to build and because they are presented through a powerful learn-by-doing platform.

Instructional personnel oversee and assist trainees through their learning process, and when trainees complete their training, they have in hand an official College Career Certificate and a professional portfolio to demonstrate their qualifications to potential employers.

Our surveys show conclusively that trainees love this way of learning. Success is assured if trainees are willing to put in the effort to do the required work.

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