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Why Students and Teachers Love NCLab

Our courses are designed for middle schools and high schools. Students find them slightly more challenging but also more fun than other online coding courses. Many return to them at home every day. They learn to embrace the challenge and succeed. They learn to fail and persevere. Teachers prefer NCLab courses because of their rigorous design based on math, logic and problem solving, and the outstanding teacher support.

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids
coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

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Every K-12 teacher is eligible for an individual professional development license that includes access to all self-paced and self-graded courses as well as to the Creative Suite.

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Order annual classroom license for $325 (one course) or $900 (all courses). Discounted school and district site licenses and PD are available. Contact us for more details.

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coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

I just want to say how much the children are enjoying the Karel Course. It is the first year we have really explored this in depth, and I have students aged 14-17 participating. The virtual desktop really works great, the puzzles are challenging and the coding is consistent. It is really helping to challenge their thinking, and they are showing great determination to try and complete each task!”

Craig Ham, Westminster Schools of Augusta, GA

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NCLab’s courses are accompanied by tutorial videos, textbooks, lesson plans,
pacing guides, student journals and more!

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coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

coding courses and 3D modeling for kids

We have been using Karel in our combined school and it has been really good for all my kids. I have several special-aid kids in there and some gifted kids. The special-aid kids when they have trouble with directions or with keyboarding, are able to just work on those skills, while the gifted kids have taken off and started programming. They absolutely love the program.”

Denise Mirich, Owyhee Combined School

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