Make Your Students More Successful with NCLab’s Self-Paced Linear Algebra Course

Linear Algebra

Make Your Students More Successful with NCLab’s Self-Paced Linear Algebra Course

After more than 10 years of teaching Linear Algebra in the traditional way, we decided to increase student engagement by creating a self-paced course. Students’ scores improved by 15-27% compared to previous semesters.

“As an adult with a busy schedule and the need to work around banking business hours etc.: this method of teaching is perfect for me and I would recommend it for basically anyone on any subject.”

— Robert Clifford

How Does the Course Work

In contrast to a traditional Linear Algebra course where students listen to the instructor during the lecture and then do the work at home, in our course students work actively in the classroom. Using their laptops or tablets, they go through a series of “challenges” where they learn using tutorials, videos and interactive examples. After each new concept they take a quiz/homework which shows them if they understood the subject. They have a chance to learn what they missed and retake the quizzes after 24 hours.

Role of the Instructor

Contrary to traditional lecture-based Linear Algebra courses, the instructor does not serve as the delivery vehicle for contents which students are perfectly capable of learning on their own. Instead, the instructor has more time to help every student individually as needed. The instructor sees a detailed overview of the progress of every student in the My Students panel.

Benefits for the Students
  • Students learn at their own pace.
  • Students learn actively by working through problems with instructor’s help.
  • Students can form pairs or groups and learn collaboratively.
  • Students have to spend less time at home re-learning material and doing homework.

Benefits for the Instructor
  • Students enjoy the class much more than traditional lecture-based course.
  • Classroom becomes a more active and productive environment.
  • Instructor does not deliver the contents.
  • Instructor has more time to help students individually.
  • Instructor has access to real-time student progress data.
  • Instructor has detailed knowledge of how every student in class is doing.
  • Instructor needs less preparation time.