Data Analyst Career Training Program

Data Analytics is a career path where demand for qualified job candidates far outstrips the supply.

NCLab’s comprehensive Data Analyst Career Training Program is based on a unique combination of a Learn-By-Doing training method, Verified Learning assessment, and Expert Support.

It empowers colleges and universities to prepare students to the point that they are ready to enter the workforce as qualified Data Analysts.

See What Students Are Saying

Superb way to learn

“I really enjoyed the online/modular format of this course. The material was presented clearly and concisely and allowed me to focus longer on concepts that were difficult, while glancing over concepts I was already familiar with.” A.C.

I really learned a lot

“I really learned a lot and have found a new passion towards data science and analytics I didn’t know I had.” M.N.

This is how I like to learn

“This is how I like to learn, at my own pace. I was never a very good student at school, but the self-paced teaching method of NCLab really suits me. I can attest to the statement that NCLab courses are the most efficient method to help someone learn Python in the shortest possible time.” M.J.

Totally worth it

“I just completed 3 courses: SQL Fundamentals, Advanced SQL, and Predictive Data Analytics with Python within the estimated hours that they had advised. It was a lot of work, but totally worth it!” Q.B

Great course!

“This is a great course! I watched videos, read short tutorials, viewed examples, ran demo programs, and then solved tasks that demonstrated comprehension of the subject matter.” S.L.

The course is really great!

“I am taking this course with my fiance. The course is really great! Not easy but really informative. We both think that this is a great way to learn. Thanks again for the opportunity and for your help.” F.Z.

The program is great

“The program is great, continues to get better, and I cannot compliment enough any course that involves students actually working on the problems rather than just listening.” A. S.

This class has turned that around…

“I have really enjoyed the course so far, and based on my test score this is the most successful I have been in a math course since high school. I would not call other classes I have had difficult but simply unengaging, and this class has turned that around.” Y. M.

Compliments to the NCLab team

“Please extend my compliments to the NCLab team if you can, and keep advocating for this type of learning, if at the very least as an option for people like me who learn well this way.” F. A.

Training Backed by Leaders in Technology

This program was developed in collaboration with successful companies who are interviewing the promising candidates.

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