Our Learn-By-Doing Training Delivers Both Knowledge And Practical Experience

At NCLab we are addressing the shortage of qualified STEM employees head-on. Our breakthrough innovative training courses have proven successful in teaching STEM skills, both preparing students for the workforce and strengthening the skills of existing workforces.

NCLab’s learn-by-doing STEM training courses ensure that students have both the academic knowledge and practical experience needed to fill job openings.

While NCLab’s packaged career training products train Data Analysts and Python Developers, NCLab’s underlying training platform is perfectly suited for other industry-specific skills training.

New Industry-Specific Initiatives Are Being Pursued

NCLab’s self-paced learn-by-doing platform has become recognized as the place to go to solve industry-specific recruitment problems. Because NCLab training incorporates practical experience and verified learning as part of its training programs, it is uniquely qualified to help grow the available workforce for specific STEM careers in specific industries.

As an example, streamlined training of dialysis technicians was identified as a serious problem, in part because dialysis equipment can now be installed in residences, assuming that qualified technicians are available to operate the equipment. Unfortunately, the current training of dialysis technicians is lengthy, severely limiting the number of qualified technicians that can be trained.

A partnership of CSN (College of Southern Nevada), Nevada State Libraries, and a large international dialysis equipment manufacturer, a virtual reality provider, and NCLab has been formed to attack the problem head-on, with NCLab providing deep learning of technical skills required of qualified dialysis technicians. It is projected that the new self-paced training will produce qualified dialysis technicians with only one week of classroom time, replacing the current 16 weeks of classroom training.

NCLab’s best-in-class training platform can strengthen your team’s skills too and lead to business results that exceed your expectations. Ask us how we can help you address your workforce recruitment needs.

A Visual Tour Of NCLab's Training Platform