Who is NCLab?

NCLab is a workforce training company. This means that we are much more focused on making our trainees job-ready and even helping them get the job of their dreams in Data Analytics or Python Programming, than a typical e-learning company. We not only provide self-paced college-level career training programs of exceptional quality but we also work with our trainees as if they were our colleagues. The training is not easy, therefore we pre-screen applicants. Thanks to our partnerships with numerous colleges and universities, our trainees can earn official college career certificates. But more importantly, our unique practice-based training method helps trainees obtain the practical experience which they need to capture high-paying jobs, advance in their careers, and have a better life.

What will you do at NCLab?

You will make a major, positive difference in people’s lives. We develop self-paced learn-by-doing college-level training programs, which are far more efficient than traditional college education. But mainly, we care about our trainees. You will love being part of our great team.

Open positions

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We are currently hiring for the following positions: