Who is NCLab?

NCLab is a team that is working to create a qualified workforce for Industry 4.0. We develop interactive self-paced and self-graded courses whose depth goes far beyond the standard video and quiz model offered by MOOCs and other big providers.

With NCLab, trainees master each concept and learn to apply concepts in a clear and measurable fashion before advancing to the next lesson. In this way, trainees learn deep, complex concepts on their own. We’ve spent many years making sure that trainees of all skill levels can progress and secure long-term, fruitful careers. Trainees love this way of learning.

Why does the world need NCLab?

Due to automation, 70 million people in the U.S. and 1.5B in the world are at risk of losing their jobs within 10-20 years. We are now faced with the opportunity and challenge of training modern workers for modern careers. STEM jobs, the heart of automation and data exchange in current manufacturing technologies, are growing 50% faster than all other job segments. But due to a shortage of skilled teachers, the traditional STEM education system is lagging behind workforce demands.

What will I do at NCLab?

You will make a major, positive difference in people’s education—and help change STEM and Industry 4.0 education in the U.S. and across the world. You will focus on cloud-based, self-learning, self-graded courses that match or exceed education standards. You will be part of a team that develops some of the world’s most unique courses in Coding (Python), Data Analytics, 3D Modeling and CAD, Machine Learning, Automation, Statistics, Optimization, Robotics, and more.

Open positions

We are currently hiring for the following positions: