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    NCLab Offers A Training Process That Helps Organizations Solve Genuine Business Problems.

    Many organizations trust us:

    Workforce Development Agencies
    Workforce Development Agencies
    Tech Based and Non-Tech-Based Corporations
    Tech Based and Non-Tech-Based Corporations
    Community Colleges
    Community Colleges

    Organizations Use NCLab to:

    Upskill The Workforce

    Digital and technology-based job skills change continuously. Teaching your employees new skills will have them innovating fresh solutions and maintaining your competitive edge.

    Adapt To New Technologies

    Easily switch your company’s outdated software packages to new, powerful and often free open-source alternatives.

    Keep Employees Up To Speed

    Learning the latest techniques in Data Analytics, SQL, Python, and other digital areas encourages your personnel to innovate faster and make more accurate business decisions.

    Help New Hires Quickly Learn

    Help new employees quickly learn the technologies and skills they'll be using to boost their productivity.

    Choose from Customizable Modular Courses for All Skill Levels

    Whether you have an established or a new organization NCLab can improve your employees' skills and boost their growth.

    With 700+ course modules and 100+ interactive projects on Logic, Critical Thinking, Coding, Python, SQL, Data Analytics, 3D Modeling, and more you choose where your organization needs to go.

    Don't see the course topic you need? Ask our team to develop one for you!

    700+ course modules
    100+ projects
    30+ job skills
    • Computational Thinking
    • Fundamentals Of Programming
    • Fundamentals Of Robotics
    • Critical Thinking
    • Problem Solving
    • Python Coding
    • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • 2D And 3D Modeling
    • Constructive Solid Geometry
    • Logic
    • Mathematics
    • Geometry
    • CAD Design
    • Data Analytics
    • Data Mining
    • Graphs And Data Visualization

    Hands on Learning with Immediate Application

    Learners are most efficient when they get to apply what they have learned immediately. NCLab develops courses that combine theory, expert videos, and immediate hands-on-the-keyboard exercises.

    Your people learn faster with instant and personalized feedback after every exercise. Get access to full proof of work: actual learning outcomes stored.

    Learn New Skills

    Choose from 700+ intuitive modules on Logic, Critical Thinking, Introduction to Coding, Python, SQL, 3D Modeling, and more.

    Practice at a Comfortable Pace

    Sharpen and train your team’s skills at a pace that is comfortable for them and you. Learn in bite-sized daily practice challenges or complete the whole program.

    Build Solutions to Real World Problems

    Apply your skills to real-world problems. By solving hands-on projects, you and your team will be ready to solve immediate challenges facing the company.

    Pricing starts at $100 per seat per year.

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