At NCLab, We Believe That The Only Way To Learn Is By Doing

NCLab’s college-level Learn-By-Doing training is perfectly suited for STEM career training as it provides students with both the in-depth knowledge and the practical experience needed to qualify for available jobs. That is very different than traditional education that leaves students without the necessary practical experience to qualify for available jobs.

As shown in the following figure, NCLab is unique in the education world in the way it provides both knowledge and practical experience in its training.


The following are the four key components of the NCLab training platform that make it very different than other training approaches:

Highly Interactive Learning-By-Doing

NCLab training is done in a highly interactive learn-by-doing manner. The absorption and grasp of new materials is confirmed by ongoing practice-based exercises throughout the training process. Success is assured if the student is willing to put in the effort to do the required work.

The effectiveness of NCLab’s training programs was confirmed in a university setting when an Advanced Linear Algebra course that had been lectured to students for ten years was replaced by an NCLab learn-by-doing course, in which the instructor did not lecture but instead coached the students, as needed. The result was that the classroom’s average score on the final exam was 21% higher than the classroom’s average score over the previous ten years and the students loved it.

Based on the spectacular success of the Linear Algebra course, NCLab created two other “learn-by-doing” for credit courses for the university, “Introduction to Python” and “Predictive Data Analytics with Python”, and both now enjoy a large student demand.

Subject-Based Simulators

At the core of NCLab’s training courses are powerful STEM subject-based simulators that allow students to learn by doing, in much the same way that airplane flight simulators allow pilots to learn how to fly planes. We all understand the need for practical experience and none of us can imagine getting onto a plane with a pilot who has attended classroom lectures and passed a written exam but has no actual flying experience.

When it comes to STEM careers, employers are not interested in hiring employees that lack practical experience, independent of how successful their classroom learning experience was. NCLab training addresses this exact issue by having students gain the necessary practical experience throughout their training.

NCLab has over 50 simulators that cover a wide range of topics, including programming languages; computing; and math, physics, and chemistry models. The simulators even allow students to create their own problem sets and to work through them to come up with solutions.

Automated Grading With Instant Feedback

An integral part of all NCLab training is automatically-graded exercises throughout the learning process that allow students to learn by doing and seeing the results of their problem solving on an immediate basis. Automated grading even provides students with sophisticated adaptive feedback and guidance based on the mistakes they make.

Verified Learning

A built-in Verified Learning system records all student learning activities and confirms that students have thoroughly learned the subject matter and have done sufficient practical exercises to qualify for STEM job openings. It is also an ideal tool to help mentors and support staffs understand where students need assistance and to help course development identify places where the courses can be improved.

A Visual Tour of NCLab’s Training Platform


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