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NCLab provides self-paced competency-based college-level courses in the areas of computer programming, data analytics / data science, computer-aided design, geometry, and math. The free mini courses below are “appetizers” which are not as thorough as the corresponding full courses, but they allow you to experience the NCLab signature competency-based training method.

Each of the mini courses should take at most two hours of your time. We’ll provide you with a free certificate of completion for each one you complete.

Sample of the certificate

Data Analytics and Data Science

If you want to be a Data Analyst, you must first learn all about data and its properties, how to use statistics to analyze it, and the different ways available to present your results. Data Literacy begins the journey, exposing you to the spreadsheet, which is an important tool in your Data Analyst toolkit.

Learning SQL (Structured Query Language) is where every aspiring Data Analyst needs to start. SQL is used to extract data from, and modify data in, relational database management systems (RDBMS). It is a declarative programming language that is much easier to learn than Python, C/C++, Java, or other procedural programming languages. One can learn SQL without any prior programming experience.

The Predictive Data Analytics course teaches basic concepts of statistics which are used in data analytics, and how to use Python and its powerful free libraries to clean, visualize, and analyze data.

Finally, Linear Algebra is a foundational course for Data Science. This course is suitable for complete beginners. It begins with elementary vector and matrix operations and covers all concepts of Linear Algebra, including the most advanced topics such as Least-Squares problems and Singular-Value Decomposition (SVD).

Computer Programming

If you are new to computer programming, then you absolutely should take Intro to Computer Programming first. This is the most important course of your entire computer programming career. It teaches you how to think correctly and how to be successful in using computer programming to solve problems. These skills will help you, no matter which programming language you end up using in the future.

The Visual Intro to Python course is an introduction to Python with elements of geometry, robotics, and 3D printing.

Finally, Python Programming is a rigorous introduction to Python aimed at future professional Python Programmers.

Computer-Aided Design

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is an essential skillset required in engineering, architecture, robotics, and many other areas. NCLab’s Intro to Computer-Aided Design course teaches Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG), otherwise also known as Solid Modeling. Through hands-on practice with a simple and elegant Python-based scripting CAD, students learn how to create and manipulate planar and 3D objects, and how to combine them to build complex 3D models. These models can be exported as STL files and 3D printed. Students develop strong spatial reasoning skills (ability to “think in 3D”) which make them much more successful when working with professional CAD software such as Solidworks or AutoCAD later on.


This is a collection of advanced challenges for Karel the Robot, designed for those of you who have already taken our Introduction to Computer Programming course, and who would like to stay in touch with Karel. These are not the easiest problems, but there is zero doubt in our mind that you will be able to solve all of them!

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What Our Trainees Say About Us

I love going to work every day!

“Thank you for giving me the competency and confidence that I needed to get a dream job. With my limited formal education, I had serious doubts that I could master SQL and Python but learning by doing worked perfectly.” G.K.

Perfect teaching method

“As an adult with a busy schedule and the need to work around banking business hours etc.: this method of teaching is perfect for me and I would recommend it for basically anyone on any subject.” F. V.

Superb way to learn

“I really enjoyed the self-paced format of this training program. The material was presented clearly and concisely and allowed me to focus longer on concepts that were difficult, while glancing over concepts I was already familiar with.” A.C.

This is how I like to learn

“This is how I like to learn, at my own pace. I like the bite-sized tutorials and I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I complete the exercises that follow them.” M.J.

Great training!

“I watched videos, read short tutorials, viewed examples, ran demo programs, and then performed exercises that demonstrated my comprehension of the subject matter.” S.L.

The training is really great!

“Not easy but really informative. Practical experience was what I wanted and I feel that I got it.” F. Z.

The program is great

“I cannot compliment enough any training that involves students actually working on the problems rather than just listening.” A. S.

Compliments to the NCLab team

“Please extend my compliments to the NCLab team if you can, and keep advocating for this type of learning, if at the very least as an option for people like me who learn well this way.” F. A.

I’m really enjoying this class

“The emphasis on working at your own pace removes the stress of a normal class, and I can work around my other classes. NCLab is much better than similar programs, such as DataCamp. Not only do I learn the material, I retain it. Each lesson uses all or most of the previous concepts, which provides additional practice and ensures that you don’t forget the previous material. This is one of the most enjoyable and informative programs I’ve taken.” N. L.

It’s working well

“It might sound weird, but I feel as though it teaches the right parts for Python. When I was learning Python before, there were a lot of steps that felt skipped but are explained now.” P.T.

I am thoroughly enjoying the training

“I feel like I am learning a skill, much more than I felt in other courses. The use of repetition, doing programming in pieces, and the entire way the platform is laid out are far superior to how my university teaches their main, introductory, programming courses. It is too bad that the philosophy of academia is standing in its own way.” K.L.

I love it!

“I feel like I am actually LEARNING how to program, and the chunking method of the material is wonderful.” D.A.


“I am really enjoying this course and learning python and I also like the way that it teaches the material. I’m very glad I took this course!” R. B.

Large amount of Python programming practice

“I really enjoyed and found the Python Fundamentals and Advanced Python courses incredibly useful. In fact, the large amount of Python programming practice questions in both courses helped me obtain my summer software development internship at Pfizer by preparing me for a variety of programming interview questions.” F. F.


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