Make Your Students College And Career-Ready.

NCLab works closely with employers and colleges, to ensure that all our courses develop real job skills and make students college and career-ready. Explore our best-in-class self-paced courses in Introductory Computer Programming, Python, SQL, 3D Modeling, and our Data Analyst and Python Programmer career training programs. 

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You’ll Love Teaching with NCLab

We have developed a method that makes teaching computer science easy for all instructors.

Real, typed code from the very beginning

Real work environments don’t have “drag and drop.” All NCLab students learn true programming language with proper syntax and structure.

Accessible to every student level

Students receive immediate visual and written feedback, making advanced programming and 3D modeling easier to learn than previously imagined.

Engaging and fun

Every course is an interactive adventure that engages your students at higher levels than traditional lecture-quiz formats.

Rich in math, geometry and art

NCLab courses place a strong emphasis on mathematics and serve as highly useful learning companions for algebra and geometry.

Cross-platform Compatible

NCLab courses run in all web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and others.

Cloud based

No installation required. NCLab courses run virtually on any computer, laptop, tablet or Chromebook.

Courses and supporting materials can be tailored to different school schedules.

Make Your Students College And Career-Ready.