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I think you guys are simply unbelievably amazing. You are the voice of relevance for libraries, community education, innovation, tech, cross generational learning and more for the 21st century!! Thank you for all you are doing. It’s mind blowing.
Glenda Billingsley, Library outreach, Las Vegas Clark county Library District

I conducted my first class last week. The next two classes are booked full. All the kids surveyed said they would continue using NCLab at home. =D They also liked the buttons. They all wanted their certificates printed out, and we gave them file folders for their “Coding Portfolio.” They all said they would come back for more classes as well.
Valerie Warren, Children’s Services Department Head, Sahara West Library, Las Vegas

The Teens on our library’s Teen Advisory Board are interested in hosting a NCLab Camp for teens at our library during Teen Tech Week. One of our members attended one of your camps, and REALLY liked it.
Kathy Echavarria, Youth Services Librarian, Douglas County Public Library

This kids sooooo much loved the camp Tuesday that they have all asked if they can keep their logins until May 2 when they expire. I was hoping to get at least 25 additional logins for tomorrow’s group – they start the program at 9am!
Sena Loyd, Librarian, Carson City Public Library