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Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up… Our class finished this morning and we had a 97% attendance rate!!! I have never had a class attend at this rate before and it is quite exceptional that these percentages are being reported for a zero period class that meets daily one hour before the regular school day begins! This is the tip of the iceberg for NCLab!
Brian LaTorre, Sparks High School, Sparks, NV

I love the Karel concepts. I wish there were a way to get kids to love it as much as I do. I have stayed up at home until midnight or even later, more than once, trying to get something working.
Linda Niday, Jacks Valley ES, Carson City, NV

I just showed Tutle Tina and 3d modelling to children and they want these things more than anything else.
Petr Lukas, Elementary School of Chrast, Czech Republic

Today, at the end of the day, when the kids are most tired, I put, by curiosity, one of my class to try Karel in English. I helped them only with the translations. I was amazed how much they liked it, and how they enjoyed typing the commands by themselves! This is not the first time they are coding. They know some basics with Scratch and of course they have played with the Hour of Code and the Code Week since last year. But I was not satisfied with their results. They didn’t really get it. That’s why I was so surprised with the reaction they had with Karel. The way they are driven to learn about programming using the syntax and the vocabulary is, in my opinion, excellent.
Georgia Lascaris, 4th Primary School of Pefkis, Athens, Greece

I am having too much fun with the 3D Modeling course, and I can see uses for it particularly in Development Math courses for students who are visual learners and possibly College algebra! Glad I went to ISTE and took the class!!
Elizabeth Boyd, Howard College, San Angelo, Texas

es. I have a whole plan for this lesson. I have not been this excited about school in a long time.  If you didn’t know, I am not really a teacher.  I am a computer tech, which means I run the computer lab and help the other staff resolve their technical issues.  I have more technology background than most computer techs, but I’ve been out of it for quite some time.
Linda Niday, Jacks Valley ES, Carson City, NV

I had the students use the Playground yesterday, and it was a blast. They did the turtle graphics. What is really cool is we now have a 3D printer so we’ll be able to use your site for that. Thank you!!
Tricia Smaracko, Villa Madonna Academy, Villa Hills, KY

I love it. So do the kids. They are having such a great time!
Shawn Chowdhury, TechnoWizKids.org

Amazing tools. There are many other tools but these three courses and modules are very well planned and there is synergy between them.
Ramakrishna Bodapati, Linwood, NJ

Thanks for a wonderful Spring Camp! All of the boys have been racing through their math so they can work on NCLab.
Sheila Bunch, Winnemucca, NV

The kids love it and it is tough stuff!!!
Kristy Reck, Meneley ES, Gardnerville, CA

I’m just delighted to have access to your site for such a reasonable price.
Alison Mclin, Westmont High School, Campbell, CA

I am pretty excited that the students are really getting “into” this in the middle school now. Next year I will have a group of students who were in 5th grade classes with me last year and did all the nclab stuff. They stop me around town and talk to me about it often and wish they were in a class. I am excited to see how this is growing. Some students want to finish all the Karel and all the 3d and everything they can get their hands on.
Jan Walker, White Pine Middle School, Ely, NV

I just want to say how much the children are enjoying the Karel Course. It is the first year we have really explored this in depth, and I have students aged 14-17 participating. The virtual desktop really works great, the puzzles are challenging and the coding is consistent.   It is really helping to challenge their thinking, and they are showing great determination to try and complete each task!  The admin module is very useful to help track progress, see current coding attempts and even give them a “pass” if they get stuck.  Thanks again for making this available for us!
Craig Ham, Westminster Schools of Augusta, GA

My students have been challenged and enjoyed the Karel course this year. It has made for some interesting class discussions!
Dave Gretz, Stephen T. Badin High School

I know it is a busy time of year, but I just wanted you to know how much I love my job this year. It has been so fun to work with students in nclab. I love watching them be challenged and then get so excited as they rise to the challenge and solve that difficult puzzle. Some of them have enticed siblings to keep up with them in computer programming. I loved the interaction with the younger students; I loved the collaboration with UNR; I loved working with such a hands on project; I loved learning something so new and exciting. I did not run to this opportunity, but seldom have I enjoyed anything as much as this. I really see this as a part of the “Schools to Careers” movement that Alan Gubler and I worked on years ago. I see it as part of the STEM movement also. So many good things about this program on so many different levels. Thanks for letting me be part of it. I appreciate your confidence in me.
Jan Walker, White Pine Middle School

I was in the lab the other day with Jan and watched the students working with Karel. It was SO EXCITING. We had one student who is especially hard to work with normally, that excelled at Karel. He became the helper to other students who often think of him as a bully. Instead, he was the resource for help. It was so exciting to see!
Cammie Briggs, White Pine Middle School

I stayed yesterday for an hour and a half and was totally absorbed! I’m loving the progression of the modules. It seems challenging but not too hard. I have a 9th grade student right now trying it and she has made it through the 1st degree yellow belt. I have a 7th grade boy that has reached the yellow belt within the 45 minute period. I had looked into MIT online course on Python, but this is definitely more fun!
Michelle Baumann, Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School

We are on the Karel course and the kids are LOVING it! The room is full of excited energy and thinking!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with kids. You are making a difference in their lives!!
Claudia Bertolone-Smith, Minden Elementary School

I am not a programmer myself, but the Karel course in NCLab allows students to independently explore programming without specific intervention from me.
Jenny Salls, Clayton Middle School

I am not a programmer by any means. I mostly let my students get on and just walk around making sure that they are working and direct them to the textbook or ask if they have tried this or that.
Jan Walker, White Pine Middle School

We have been using Karel in our combined school and it has been really good for all my kids. I have several special-aid kids in there and some gifted kids. The special-aid kids when they have trouble with directions or with keyboarding, are able to just work on those skills, while the gifted kids have taken off and started programming. They absolutely love the program.
Denise Mirich, Owyhee Combined School

This is a rare example where truly engaging and challenging activities are used to effectively teach critical thinking and problem solving. Each student can progress at their own rate through a series of increasingly challenging projects. I can easily see some of my more advanced students performing two, three, and four levels of embedded looping in no time.
Terry Thorpe, Mineral County High School

We have been using Karel the Robot in NCLab as a beginning programming language and it is just amazing. I found the program online, sat down with it, and soon kids were coming by asking what I was doing. Pretty soon they were programming themselves. I think that with all the different activities in NCLab, this will change how we do STEM at our school.
Jim Berryman-Schafer, Silver Stage Elementary School

Karel is a great introduction to programming for kids. Since the robot only does what you tell it to do, this gets the kids thinking more about what they are doing. I also really like that Karel is completely online, so students can access it from home.
Ted Martinez, Virginia City Middle School

We are ecstatic at this opportunity! My students have taken hold of Karel immediately, and support from the NCLab Team has been great. We plan to train other students at the school to be able to use NCLab as well.
Mona Melton, Roy Gomm Elementary School

Karel the Robot is an exciting and addictive computer programming game for scholars at Dilworth, it actually gets them excited about math! Doing Karel is different from the every day computations and inquiry problems. NCLab gives scholars an idea as to what is possible for their futures.
Jennifer Jones, Dilworth STEM Academy