Pricing And Payment Program

We at UNM have aggressively priced our Python Developer Career Training program at $1,995. It includes all training materials and support.

We provide you a money back policy that makes it possible for you to start your training so as to evaluate for yourself whether our learn-by-doing approach is right for you.

We welcome all domestic and international applicants.

Our rolling enrollment model allows you to start your training as soon as you enroll.

Each course in the program must be completed within 6 months of its start. If you require additional time to complete an individual course, we do allow extensions. 

Available Financial Assistance

If you are a New Mexico resident and are in need of financial assistance, please Schedule a Call or simply use the CHAT BOX at the bottom right of this screen to learn more about available financial assistance.

What do I get for my tuition fee?

The short answer is that you get the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence needed to get a great job and a UNM-issued Python Developer Career Certificate. No other Python Developer career training program that we are aware of can make that claim.

The longer answer is that:

You get courses that have been meticulously built and updated at a cost of over a quarter of a million dollars each;

You get tutored by an Artificial Intelligence-based training platform that has taken years and millions of dollars to develop;

You get personal instructor oversight, guidance, and support throughout your training; 

You get courses that are constantly being improved and refined;

Finally, you get our help working with employers and placement agencies to get you a great job.


Next Steps

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