Engage Your Patrons Like Never Before

Transform your library into a vibrant hub of STEM education with NCLab! Your patrons will love NCLab’s engaging self-paced online courses in Computer Programming, 3D Modeling and other areas.

You’ll Love Having NCLab In Your Library

NCLab does not require costly equipment or degrees. We provide tools, online training, materials, camp guides and more to support librarians of all backgrounds.

Real, typed code from the very beginning

Real work environments don’t have “drag and drop.” All NCLab students learn true programming language with proper syntax and structure.

Accessible to every student level

Students receive immediate visual and written feedback, making advanced programming and 3D modeling easier to learn than previously imagined.

Engaging and fun

Every course is a game-based, interactive adventure that engages your visitors at higher levels than traditional lecture-quiz formats.

Rich in math, geometry and art

NCLab courses place a strong emphasis on mathematics and serve as highly useful learning companions for algebra and geometry.

Self-paced, self-graded with full project support

Librarians receive materials to extend the online experience with hands-on activities, learning camps, coding nights, hackathons, and more.

Cloud based

No installation required. NCLab courses run virtually on any computer, laptop, tablet or Chromebook.

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