Learn Industry 4.0 Career Skills. Be in Demand.

NCLab provides best-in-class training in high-demand modern career skills including Computational, Spatial and Data Literacy, Data Analytics, and Python Software Development.

At NCLab, We Are Creating and Enhancing Careers

For Individuals

We provide individuals with the knowledge, practical experience, competency, and confidence needed for high-paying jobs.

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For Colleges and Universities

We partner with colleges and universities to prepare individuals for high-paying jobs, at a time when demand far outstrips supply.

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For Employers

We help employers in their recruiting, upskilling, and reskilling efforts.

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For Workforce Training

We help prepare existing employees to step into new Industry 4.0 jobs.

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For High Schools

We partner with high schools to train and grow students in STEM skills, giving them an early competitive edge.

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For Libraries

We transform Libraries into vibrant hubs where kids, students, adults, and seniors significantly expand their STEM knowledge.

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