You’ve come to the right place to acquire 21st century automation-related skills, at a time when programming, data, math, and spatial skills are considered must-haves by employers.  At NCLab, we create and enhance careers for individuals who want a better future. It’s the best investment that you and your family will ever make. Let


Application Process Overview Welcome! You’ve come to the right place to create a better future for yourself and your family. We have all the ingredients that you need to get you there; those include proven training materials that have taken tens of thousands of hours to perfect and a powerful artificial intelligence-based instructional platform that


Pricing Information We have aggressively priced our Computational On-Ramp Training program at $2,800, which Nevada’s SANDI grant will pay for, if you qualify. It includes all training materials and support.  Our rolling enrollment model allows you to start your training as soon as you are ready. Available Financial Assistance If you are in need of


You’ll Love To Learn By Doing Learn by doing rather than by watching someone else do it; Supervised hands-on exercises build your competency and confidence and provide a feeling of accomplishment; Personal coaching and instructional support are there at all times; Never miss training sessions because of family and work requirements; We provide you with


Training Success Elements You’ll master an entirely new set of 21st century automation skills; Exercises will build your competency and confidence, and provide you a feeling of accomplishment; You’ll have contextual assistance on a real time basis, throughout your training; Personal coaching and instructional support will be there throughout your training; Upon graduation, you’ll be


Program Success Elements Acquire high-demand 21st century automation skills; Learn skills that employers look for specifically in their recruiting efforts; Receive individualized instructional support and coaching throughout your training; Learn actively, by doing rather than by listening to lectures; Never miss training sessions because of family and work responsibilities; Get a great job when you