Training Success Elements Trainees acquire a set of critical 21st century career skills. Self-paced training works well with family and work responsibilities. Practice-based courses build competency and confidence. Every trainee has a personal coach to help them stay on track. Dedicated instructional support team assists trainees throughout the entire training. Upon graduation, trainees are ready

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SANDI Is Here To Help You Find Job-Ready Workers.   SANDI is a grant that is here to prepare people for a larger role in the new 21st century digital economy, if they are willing to put in the effort and have an aptitude for it. If they qualify, SANDI will pay for their training.


SANDI   SANDI is a grant that prepares people for a larger role in the new 21st century digital economy.  Below are some of the SANDI Eligibility Requirements: 1. Trainees must be Nevada Residents; 2. Trainees must be US Citizens or qualified Resident Aliens; 3. Trainees must be willing to be monitored during their training

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  At NCLab, we create and enhance careers for individuals who want a better future and you, as their employer, directly benefit.  Let us show you how we are identifying people who can grow and growing them into great employees. As a combined force, we have all the pieces in place to help you recruit

learn-by-doing platform = Practical experience

Success Factors Trainees learn by doing rather than by watching someone else do it; Guided hands-on exercises build trainees’ competency and confidence and provide them a feeling of accomplishment; Personal coaching and instructional support are there at all times; Trainees never miss training sessions because of family and work responsibilities. Trainees Get Help And Support

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  Are You Challenged In Recruiting Workers? At a time when you’re having difficulty finding new hires who have the ability to learn and apply new knowledge and possess the automation hard and soft skills that you need them to have, Manufacture Nevada, Nevada manufacturers, GOWINN, the Nevada Library System, and NCLab have launched a